Jules Artwear Beads on Leather

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Golden Grain Series

 Original Jewelry Designs

Created with Handcrafted Clay Beads

Limited Edition

The earrings and necklace shown here are made with forest green beads created from a simple geometric polymer clay cane. This rich cane design consists of gold, navy, forest green and burgundy with a gold border.  Also used in the necklace are gold beads unique with their "grain" effect and marbled beads using the same colors.  In addition to the handcrafted clay beads, copper and brass colored glass seed beads were used. Both earrings and necklace are finished with goldfilled findings.  Earrings are shown as leverbacks, but can also be done on a frenchwire.  The necklace is approximately 26" long.

Item#ELGCANE-Leverback Earrings-$15.00

Item#EFGCANE-Frenchwire Earrings-$12.00


Fun with Shapes

The rich golden grain beads make a very interesting neutral.  The simple shapes  are funky yet are not over powering . All styles shown as a frenchwire, but can also be done as a leverback at $15.00.

Item#EFGTUBE2-Frenchwire Earrings-$12.00-the left pair with the long tube bead and round on the bottom shown in gold and black is the longest at about 1" below the frenchwire.  

Item#EFGPADD2-Frenchwire Earrings-$12.00-the center pair has a paddle shape below the round and is pictured in forest green and gold.  Earrings hang approximately 7/8" below the frenchwire.

Item#EFGSQUARE2-Frenchwire Earrings-$12.00-the right pair has a square bead on bottom with a round on top in black and gold hangs about 3/4" below the frenchwire.

Item #EFGPADDLE-Frenchwire Earrings-$12.00-Once again the basic paddle shape bead with a copper seed bead accent.

Item#NGPADDLE-Single Bead Necklace-$15.00-Coordinating necklace using a slightly larger paddle bead with copper seed bead accents.  Necklace is on an 18" goldfilled chain.

Item#EFGRND-Frenchwire Earrings-$12.00-The simplest of earrings with a small round bead complimented with copper seed bead accent.

Item#NGCLSTR-Cluster Charm Necklace-$24.00-This piece has a collection of shapes and looks great when worn with earrings one of the gold earrings on this page.  Necklace is on a 24" goldfilled chain.

Item#EFGRECT-Frenchwire Earrings-$12.00-Using a rectangle bead and copper seed bead accents it hangs about 3/4" below the frenchwire.  This style has more substance and looks terrific with the Cluster Charm Necklace! 

There is so much information on polymer clay available on the internet.  From definition to methods to artist's galleries what ever aspect you are interested in is at your fingertips.  To start your exploration go to Links to Favorite Places and click away!  Be advised though, I only had to play with polymer clay one time and now I see no end in sight to my addiction.  Good luck and enjoy.         ~Jule

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